Chad Calek and the Undeniable Proof of Ghosts: CTAUC Podcast

Today we’ll be talking to Chad Calek- an award winning filmmaker and researcher of the paranormal; featured in several documentaries and television shows like American Ghost Hunter and Paranormal State. He is currently executive producing and starring in Eli Roth’s “Ghosted” paranormal show, but today’s focus will be on a nationwide tour for his latest work: an entity that was verified and documented called Sir NoFace.

The “SIR NOFACE LIVES TOUR,” hosted by Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and World-Renowned Paranormal Investigator Chad Calek, along with fellow filmmaking and paranormal investigation partner, Justin Holstein, offers the rare opportunity to be amongst the first to see Calek’s new “SIR NOFACE” documentary, which chronicles the Australian Government sanctioned paranormal investigation that led to the filming of a full-body apparition, which for the first time in history, definitively proves the existence of ghosts! 

The “SIR NOFACE LIVES TOUR kicks off on August 2nd in Austin, TX and goes through September 20th in 28 different cities. The tour also includes a “best of” evidence presentation featuring 25 years of Calek and Holstein’s most compelling evidence, Q&A’s, and a special 2-hour VIP meet and greet and dinner with the hosts. To purchase tickets and for addition information about the tour, please visit –

Known for his unique visual story-telling style and his poetic narration, Calek is best perhaps known as the on-screen focus, director and producer of his autobiographical “AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER” documentary, which chronicled the Calek family’s 20-year battle with the paranormal, including Calek’s attempt to determine if his own mother’s alleged “possession” issues were authentic or merely a case of mistaken mental illness. “AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER” would become the only independent paranormal documentary to ever claim the #1 chart position as the most-watched movie in America on HULU and is currently the #3 most-watched paranormal film of all-time on HULU.

As a paranormal investigator, Calek has spent over 25 years investigating the world’s most haunted locations, in search for answers to the bizarre, the mysterious and the unexplained. Although known for capturing some of the most compelling evidence in the history of the paranormal field, Calek has also developed a reputation as a staunch “debunker” who has discovered rational explanations to many of the world’s most famous paranormal legends.

Calek first burst onto the national scene in 2008 as the outspoken and often censored co-star and director of what would ultimately become a five-season run of A&E’s hit reality series “PARANORMAL STATE.” Calek’s on-screen popularity led to A&E producing the spin-off special entitled “THE GHOST PROPHECIES,” which documented Calek’s unique life as the only known award-winning professional filmmaker who doubles as a professional paranormal investigator. Calek served as the executive producer, director, writer, editor and on-screen focus on THE GHOST PROPHECIES which also co-starred his best friend, fellow filmmaker and paranormal investigation partner, Justin Holstein. “THE GHOST PROPHECIES drew an impressive 1.6 million viewers, making it the highest-rated spin-off special of 2010.

In addition to the SIR NOFACE LIVES TOUR which gives attendees a chance to see SIR NOFACE, 2017 will also see the release of Calek’s “A BLOOD RED SKY” documentary, as well as the Verizon GO90 platform release of the “GHOSTED” series, produced by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV and Hearst Digital Media, which Calek serves as the Executive Producer and on-screen co-star.

On today’s show we’re going to get into Chad’s history and how he got into ghost hunting & the paranormal as well as his religious beliefs (*he was raised atheist, but you’ll never guess where he stands now…).

We also go over some connections between ghosts and aliens, and the undeniable evidence that he is presenting on his Sir Noface tour.

Chad has been a featured guest on shows like Coast to Coast AM and Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black so this is a great honor to have him on our own show! Check it out!